CL40 - Abrasive Glass Cleaner

  • 250ml
  • 1L
SKU: 341
Surface Category: 
Glass & Ceramic Surfaces

Consumption approximately 10- 25 ml per square metre
Coverage rates are a guide line only

Glass Surface Preparation & Scale Removal
(Recommended Surface preparation for NG1010)

Professional, DIY
General Characteristics: 

CL40 Glass Cleaner is a water based, abrasive cleaner for glass, ceramic and sanitary surfaces. It is also the recommended surface preparation for Nanotechnology treatment NG1010.
CL 40 removes hard water stains, render, salt spots and cement stains, soap scum and other pollutants from glass surfaces. It also removes wax from car washes, silicon and other chemicals. Surfactant approved by the Swedish society of Natural Conservation.

  • Water based
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent cleaning solution
  • Economical
  • Outstanding coverage rate

Recommended for the surface cleaning and prepartion of glass prior to application of Nano glass coatings

How to Apply: 
  • Shake container well, before applying CL 40 to a clean fibre fibre cloth or a sponge. Clean the surface with circular motions.
  • Polish off the product. Remove all cleaning residue with clean water.
  • In hot conditions, we recommend to spray some water on to the substrate, and apply the product on the wet surface.
  • Application temperature: + 5 °C to +30°C/41 to 86°F.
  • Do not apply or mix together with chlorinated cleaning agents.