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Product for cleaning and protection of gel coat surfaces in the marine/automotive industry.

Consumption approximately 15-25mls per square metre.
Coverage rates are a guide line only as dependant on age & condition of substrate

Automotive, Marine
How It Works: 

NH 2025 is a combination product where the surface preparation is included in the protective solution. NH2025 is an abrasive blend of natural minerals which removes dirt and sun burned chalky gel coat, and simultaneously a ultra-thin invisible protective layer is created.  This layer repels water and prevents adherence of foreign matter on the surface. Due to the hydrophobic effect there is only a weak bond between dirt and the substrate which results in an easy to clean surface.  The protective components adhere directly to the substrate molecules. The thin protection enters the microscopically irregular surface structure of the substrate and provides a much longer lasting effect than conventional product solutions.

General Characteristics: 

NH 2025 is a gel coat care product that can be simply applied by hand. The abrasive blend makes it easy to remove dirt contaminations and the hydrophobic active substance provides a long lasting, ultra-thin protection and a durable easy to clean surface effect.Gel Coat will stay shiny for longer and protected even at harsh marine environments or in areas with high pollution or dust levels. Older and contaminated surfaces can be brought back to the original conditions. Water runs off easily from the treated surface. The protective effect last up to12 months, and shows increasing life span with periodical application. During this time all contaminations can be wiped off with a wet cloth.

  • Superb Protection for yacht surfaces
  • Dirt & Water repelling
  • Long lasting & Economical-up to 12 months
  • Increasing effect with infrequent application
  • Water based
  • Non toxic
  • Non flammable
  • Easy to clean effect

Gel Coat Surfaces i.e Yachts, Plastic, Perspex and Painted Surfaces

How to Apply: 

The substrate must be completely dry before the application. Very dirty surfaces should be washed first. Remove loose dirt which could cause scratches and also microbial contaminations like algae.
NH2025 can be applied directly onto the Gel Coat surface without further preparation. Intensive caulking or deep scratches may require a surface preparation with a cutting compound.Do not dilute the NH2025 product. Apply a small amount on a micro fibre cloth and use a polishing motion to remove all contaminations.
After applying the NH2025 allow the product to settle for 2-5 minutes, then using a clean soft, dry micro fibre cloth remove any residual product. The product can also be used with a buffing machine or a polishing pad depending on the substrate.  NH2025 can be applied onto the pad or directly on the substrate. On chalky substrates, use a rough cloth.