Stone Varnish WB

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Concrete & Stone Clear Varnish

Estimated consumption rate 8-10 m²/L, depending on the porosity of the substrate.

Clear Concrete sealer

How It Works: 

Stone Varnish WB is based on a nano-acrylic resin which provides premium penetration, adhesion, hardness and resistance to scratches and abrasion

General Characteristics: 

SurfaPaint Stone Varnish WB is a clear acrylic water based varnish which protects against oily or water based stains with exceptional chemical resistance and low dirt pick up. The nanostructured polymer has the ability to penetrate much deeper compared to conventional polymers and attach chemically on the applied surface. Therefore, it provides very good adhesion of the varnish in combination with pore sealing. The resulting film provides excellent resistance to abrasion and scratches, making it applicable on horizontal surfaces. Moreover, the polymer structure remains unaffected from surrounding UV light, providing a weathering resistant solution. It is a versatile material, as its shininess is developed gradually, from satin to glossy, depending on the number of applied coats.

  • Enhances and protects surface appearance
  • Reduces dirt pick up
  • Exceptional weathering resistance
  • Protects from oil or water stains
  • Superb penetration ability
  • Very good substrate adhesion
  • Does not yellow
  • Excellent substrate adhesion
  • Can be applied wet-on-wet
  • Multiple coatings provide a glossy or satin appearance
  • Excellent blush / early water / block resistance
  • Easy application
  • Water based & odourless
  • Short drying time

SurfaPaint Stone Varnish WB is ideal for artificial and natural porous surfaces.
Its application is ideal on exterior or interior surfaces, horizontal or vertical surfaces.

How to Apply: 
  • The application surface should be clean and dry. Remove loose and flaking material from the application surface. All oily residues must be removed from the application surface. Many failures are attributed to poor surface preparation.
  • 1-2 coats for a satin finish or 3 coats for gloss finish. 
  • Brush, spray or roller. Recoating time: 2 hours. Touchdry time: 60min. Application temperature: 5-35oC.
  • It is recommended the modified surface not to be exposed to extreme weather conditions for 4-5 days after application.