Surfapore C

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Concrete & Stone Clear Varnish
Concrete Surfaces

Estimated coverage is 8-10 m2/L, strongly dependant on the properties of the surface applied.


Nanotechnology for cement surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco and natural or artificial stones.

Commercial, Residential
How It Works: 

SurfaPore C formulation creates a water repelling protection by deeply penetrating into the pores of the substrates, instead of sealing as other conventional formulations. Therefore, the substrate is deeply protected and not affected by abrasion or mechanical wear. SurfaPore C modified surfaces last longer compared to conventional film coatings and are more resistant to the "hard" part of solar light (UV radiation) which does not induce the "yellowing" effect.

Surface Description: 

Nanotechnology for cement surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco and natural or artificial stones.

General Characteristics: 

Surfapore C is a water-based liquid that effectively waterproofs and protects a wide range of building surfaces.  Its viscosity is similar to water so it deeply penetrates capillaries where common elastomeric or polymer-based sealers cannot reach.  The Nanoparticles in its composition assure effective, durable and prolonged functionality with little or no change to substrate appearance. SurfaPore C is vapour permeable, or breathable.  When moisture is trapped behind a SurfaPore C modified surface it can evaporate, thus relieving negative capillary pressure which could otherwise degrade the substrate from within by causing swelling, cracking, and warping. 

  • Water-based and non-toxic 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Prevents efflorescence 
  • Out performs siloxane/silane and acrylics 
  • Does not affect colour or texture 
  • Can be used as a water proofing primer 
  • Will not interfere with paints, plasters or adhesives 
  • Easy, one step application with water clean-up 

Cement walls, floors, retaining walls, concrete blocks and pavers, natural stone work, grout, mortar. Anywhere cement products need to be protected from moisture and efflorescence.

How to Apply: 

The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore C by using a brush, roller or spraying. No dilution is required. On very absorptive surfaces re-apply within 3 hours. Mixing: Replace 1/3 of water used in your mix with SurfaPore C. Mix well. In any case (surface application or mixing) test results on a small area before full scale application. Maximum water resistance is achieved 24 hours apfter application