Surfapore F

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  • 4L
  • 30L
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Estimated consumption rate 8-10 m2/L, strongly dependant on the absorptivity of the surface applied.

Water protection and primer for fibrous materials, such as carton or kraft paper, plaster boards, drywalls, MDF and composite wood.

How It Works: 

SurfaPore F contains a moderately rigid resin that improves paint adhesion. While the resin creates an efficient protection layer on the fibrous substrate, nanoparticles repel water or oil stains. Their high surface area nanostructure is responsible for the applied repelling forces, that keep SurfaPore F modified surfaces dry and protected.

Surface Description: 

Water protecton, primer for fibrous materials, such as carton or kraft paper, plaster boards, drywalls and composite wood.

General Characteristics: 

SurfaPore F is easily applied to fibrous surfaces such as plasterboards, drywalls, wood and carton. It protects and waterproofs surfaces assuring that water or other corroding factors are effectively repelled by chemical forces. The surfaces are protected by moisture, mould and microorganisms. It can also be used as a primer on plasterboards and drywalls, improving the adhesion of paints.  

  • Vapour permeable
  • Long lasting
  • Easy surface application
  • Promotes paint adhesion
  • Water based
  • Extremely low V.O.C.
  • Cost Effective

Plasterboards, drywalls, carton, wood (tropical woods, softwoods, plywoods)

How to Apply: 

Surface Application: The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore F by using a brush or roller. No dilution is required. On very absorptive surfaces re-apply within 3 hours. Maximum protection efficiency is achieved 24 hours post application.