Surfapore M

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Concrete & Stone Clear Varnish
Concrete Surfaces

8-10m2 per litre, depending on the absorption properties of the application surface

Active nanotechnology for protecting, marbles, granite and stone against stains and oil.

How It Works: 

SurfaPore M protects surfaces from stains and also makes them oil and water repellent as it coats the pores, without changing their appearance and enables them to actively repel oil based stains.

Surface Description: 

Active nanotechnology for protecting, marbles, granite and stone against stains and oil.

General Characteristics: 

Unsightly stains devalue beautiful stone, cement, marble and granite surfaces.  Microscopic analysis of these surfaces reveals vast networks of pores that readily collect moisture, debris and oils that cause the surface to lose its natural lustre and beauty.  

SurfaPore M is a water-based nanomaterial designed to prevent oil and water from penetrating surfaces and creating stains.  It contains a blend of specially designed nanoparticles that penetrate deep into pores and capillaries to create an inorganic moisture and oil barrier. These hydrophobic and oleophobic nanoparticles have organofluorated coatings that can withstand extreme temperatures up to 350°C, so SurfaPore M is ideal for kitchens.  

UV has no effect on SurfaPore M, so there is no yellowing and it does not break down. 

  • Protects against stains caused by moisture and oil 
  • Water based 
  • Non-toxic for food prep areas  
  • Does not change the natural appearance 
  • Long Lasting & UV resistant  
  • Easy, one step application 
  • High heat tolerance (up to 350°C) 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • No noxious fumes 

Marble, granite, natural stone and cement requiring stain and moisture protection.  Ideal for kitchen benchtops, food preparation areas and walkways with exposure to grease and oil.

How to Apply: 

Surface Application: Surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore M by brush, roller or by spraying. Do NOT dilute. After about 15 minutes, before SurfaPore M dries completely, remove application excess with a wet, soft cloth and polish the surface. For extra protection of very sensitive surfaces reapply within 3 hours after the first application. Maximum efficiency is achieved 7 days post application.