SurfaPore R

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Ceramic Tiles
Concrete Surfaces

9-11 m2/L, strongly depending on the properties of the surface applied.

Nanotechnology for clay based surfaces such as roof tiles, bricks, cotto and pottery.

How It Works: 

SurfaPore R is designed to protect clay bricks, tiles, pavers and planters from damaging moisture, efflorescence, cracking and decay. SurfaPore R is a water emulsion of specially engineered nanoparticles that bond to clay and natural stone to create a long-lived moisture protection system without compromising vapour permeability or natural appearance.

Surface Description: 

Nanotechnology for clay based surfaces such as roof tiles, cotto and pottery.

General Characteristics: 

While clay is a naturally beautiful and useful material, moisture can cause deterioration, efflorescence, unsightly mould and mildew, cracking and decay. Clay based surfaces have exposed hydroxyls that are subject to the deteriorating effects of weathering ,UV radiation and water. SurfaPore R nanoparticles are specifically engineered to fit clay pores and capillaries where they permanently attach to these exposed hydroxyl groups (binding moiety).  The tops of these specially engineered nanoparticles are hydrophobic (hydrophobic moiety) so water is naturally repelled.  Once SurfaPore R nanoparticles are anchored the substrate is completely safe from water but is not suffocated! Most traditional sealers use corrosive Potassium Methyl Siliconate (PMS) with “plastic polymers” or small silicon-based molecules that react with atmospheric carbon dioxide to create a water barrier. Initially they appear effective but they actually diminish the useful lifetime of clay-based products by restricting their breathing ability, or by creating efflorescence (white spots).  The use of these traditional sealers affects the three most important advantages of clay products: (a) their compatibility with modern construction requirements for breathable materials, (b) their endurance, and (c) their aesthetic perfection.

  • Vapour permeable
  • Prevents efflorescence
  • Eliminates cracking from freezing water within the pores
  • Dramatically reduces mould mildew and lichen
  • Stays cleaner longer and is easier to remove dirt and dust
  • Water-based
  • Soap and water clean-up
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Non toxic 
  • Environmentally friendly 

Clay roof tiles, floor tiles, bricks, planters and natural stone requiring protection from water, efflorescence, mould, lichen and freezing.

How to Apply: 

Surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore R with brush, roller or by spraying.  Do Not Dilute.  On very absorptive surfaces reapply within 3 hours of original application.  Dipping: Dip the clay based object in SurfaPore R for 30 seconds. In any case (surface application or dipping) test results on a small area before full-scale application. Maximum water repellency is achieved 24 hours post application. Surface must remain free of moisture for at least 6 hours.