Surfapore T

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  • 4L
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Ceramic Surfaces
Concrete & Stone Clear Varnish

Estimated consumption rate 14-20 m²/L, strongly dependent on the properties of the surface applied.


Protection for marble, granite and porcelain surfaces from staining

How It Works: 

SurfaPore T creates an impermeable, waterproofing and invisible shield by blocking even the finest pores of these surfaces thus protecting from staining

Surface Description: 

Protection for marble, granite and porcelain surfaces from staining

General Characteristics: 

SurfaPore T is a water based product. The nano-sized particles contained, fit the pores of a polished surface, penetrate, "flood" the pores that can accumulate dirt, polymerize and create an impermeable grid of inert material. After modification, the hydrophobic, permanent pore impregnation prevent dirt particles from penetrating into the microporosity of the surface (marble, granite or polished tile) and thus providing stain proofing and easy cleaning.

  • Long Lasting & UV Resistant
  • Does not change natural appearance
  • Easy to Apply
  • Water based
  • Cost Effective

Porcelain tiles, polished marble and granite.

How to Apply: 

The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore T with a brush, roller or spraying. No dilution is required.After 15 minutes and before SurfaPore T dries completely, remove any excess and polish, by using a wet cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth. On sensitive surfaces, reapply within 3 hours. Test results on a small area before full-scale application. Maximum effectiveness is achieved 24 hours after application.