Surfapore ThermoDry

  • For 3L Paint
  • For 10L Paint
SKU: 183

Additive for making any acrylic water based paint, water repelling and thermal insulating

How It Works: 

Heat is transferred by the infrared spectrum of light and by conductivity. Reducing them significantly reduces the amount of heat that can pass through a surface. ThermoDry’s nanoparticles also prevent moisture from freely penetrating the paint surface, thereby extending the life of the paint itself. Temperature variations within the surface (thermal bridges) are also reduced so condensation is reduced. The result is less heat transfer, lower levels of moisture and less mould and mildew.

Surface Description: 

Virtually any surface requiring insulation - roofs, walls, pipes and pipelines, machine casings, tanks, heat sensitive barrels, cargo containers, etc.

General Characteristics: 

SurfaPore ThermoDry is an additive for all water-based paints that can be further diluted with water. It makes the paints thermal insulating, water repelling and resistant to mould. It increases paint volume by 60% reducing the amount of paint required to cover the same surface area. SurfaPore ThermoDry does not only reflect thermal radiation, but also resists heat transfer through various surfaces. In this manner you enjoy increased energy efficiency, a reduced CO2 footprint and a comfortable environment. SurfaPore ThermoDry makes paint water repelling.

  • Creates moisture barrier
  • Extends lifetime of paint
  • Applied the same as paint - roll, spray, dip or brush
  • Applied to exteriors for cooler interiors
  • Applied to interiors for warmer interiors
  • Reduced mould and mildew

After mixing with water based acrylic paints it can be applied on external and internal wall surfaces

How to Apply: 

Use internal or external paints that can be diluted with water.  Do not add to solvent based paints. Directions: Vigorously shake contents before use. Product may appear clay-like until thoroughly shaken or stirred. Add ThermoDry to the amount of paint indicated on the ThermoDry label and stir vigorously until smooth.  Drying time of the paint should not change.  Apply mixed solution as you would with normal paint. Texture and Colour: Colour might change minimally. Flat or matte finishes are unaffected. Test satin, eggshell or glossy finish paints before application. Storage and Cleaning: Keep in cool place and out of direct sunlight. Soap and water cleanup.