SurfaShield C

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Self-cleaning & Continuous Protection

8-10 m2/L, strongly dependant on the properties of the surface applied.

SurfaShield C is a water-based, photocatalytic nanoparticle solution.

How It Works: 

SurfaShield C acts by absorbing ambient UV light and transforming it into chemical power.  As a semiconducting catalyst, SurfaShield C nanoparticles are activated by light to produce short-lived oxidising compounds – oxygen and hydroxyl radicals.  Bacteria, viruses, mold, gaseous pollutants, odours and stains decompose into harmless inorganic compounds in their presence.  Surfaces remain clean without dangerous chemicals.  SurfaShield is not just an active surface shield - as light interacts with nanoparticles surfaces become super-hydrophilic and pollutants are washed away by water.  SurfaShield also purifies air because as it decomposes harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), car exhaust and nitrogen oxides (NOx).  Nanotechnology harnesses the power of light to create a cleaner, safer environment.

Surface Description: 

SurfaShield C is a water-based, photocatalytic nanoparticle solution.

General Characteristics: 

SurfaShield C is a water-based, photocatalytic nanoparticle solution.  It is easily applied to porous surfaces like cement, plaster, mortar,  grout, walls, stones and unpolished marble to create a perpetually, self-cleaning and self-sterilising surface.  Billions of invisible nanoparticles on a treated surface are activated by ambient U.V. light to clean and sterilise the surface. SurfaShield coated surfaces decompose organic stains, bacteria, mould, gaseous pollutants and odours. SurfaShield C modified surfaces are safe and contain no hazardous disinfectants or antibiotics so surfaces remain untarnished and clean.

  • Eliminates stains
  • Bacteria and odours
  • Self-cleaning
  • Self-sterilising
  • Purifies air
  • Continuous Action
  • No change to texture
  • No change in appearance
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning technology

Self-clean walls and floors, Prevent mould, mildew, and moss from growing, Prevent organic stains, Stone and Monument Protection, Environmental Restoration, Decompose Pollutants, Inhibit Bacterial Growth, Prevent fuel exhaust stains

How to Apply: 

Surface Application: The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaShield C with a brush, roller or by spraying. Do NOT dilute.  Remove excess  with a wet cloth. On very absorptive surfaces re-apply within 24 hours of the first application. For maximum protection from moisture apply SurfaPore C 24 hours prior to applying SurfaShield C to reduce water penetration.