• 250ml
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Product for cleaning and protection of gel coat surfaces in the marine/automotive industry.

Dilution is 1 part WNS with 500 parts tap water.   In areas with bore water the concentration can be higher.

Automtoive, Marine
How It Works: 

WNS cleaner is new technology that cleans with an improved micro-fluid formulation that penetrates dirt layers, down to the Nano scale of the surface structure. The ultra wetting ability of the WNS cleaner is notably enhanced by a state of the art patent protected micro fluid technology. 

The extreme wettability enables WNS cleaner to penetrate even excessive dirty surfaces in micro seconds without the use of harsh chemicals. This even works on waxed surfaces or hydrophobic coatings and in extreme high dilutions.

General Characteristics: 

WNS cleaner creates a protective layer of Nano scaled Carnauba wax that adheres to the micro structure of the surface,  creating a durable high gloss, self-drying effect. The product prevents the adhesion of new dirt and dust, and gives you a show room finish, every time you wash your car or boat.

  • Ultra Concentrate
  • Self Waxing
  • Self Drying
  • Showroom finish
  • Long Lasting
  • Biodegradable
  • Cost effective
  • Faster wax application

WNS Cleaner can be used to clean and protect Cars, Boats and Airplanes and other hard surfaces you need to clean and like to sparkle

How to Apply: 

Add WNS cleaner to a bucket of clean water. Wash the car with a sponge or appropriate cloth, rinsing it off with clean water after and let dry by itself